Aidan here.​

Director + Designer @ After School Projects

Photo + Video Editor @ Human Condition Magazine

Video Editor @ Complex

B.S.  Bio Physiology @ University of Washington, Seattle

Program Coordinator @ ASUW Arts + Entertainment

Art + Design Intern @ Foreign Family Collective, ODESZA, Sundara 

Creative Strategy Intern @ Complex

Design + Photo + Video Freelance NYC, LA 

Emergency Room Intern @ Seattle Children's Hospital 

Nursing Intern @ Swedish Hospital, First Hill



Contact: | @aidangalassetti

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There is no science vs. art. Their shared passion towards relationships and people intertwines both fields with curiosity, empathy, and suffering - key elements of the human condition. This fusion led me to understand that there is no distinction between the two. Both artists and scientists replace fear with curiosity as they lean into the unknown and beauty of the worlds around them. To learn about science is to learn about art is to learn about people. 

what I have learned from practicing them in tandem

Photo by Lauren Kim